Who We Are

Simply Pest Solutions is a local, family owned and operated business providing customized, science based services to your home and business.

Brandon & Family

Our Team

Brandon Watson has a Maine Masters Applicator License as well as being a Maine Animal Damage Control Agent! He has provided customers with quality pest services for  9 years. Brandon prides himself in educating his customers about the pest and how to find a true solution to the problem.

Queen Bee Heidi Watson

Are you thinking...how can a Queen Bee be married to a exterminator?! Just like a bee colony, no family survives without a good Queen! We help identify bees from wasps or yellow jackets. We help protect the good bee population!  Heidi may take your phone call or help with customer service. She's a friendly bee!

Worker Bees

Benjamin, Travis & Caleb - These little worker bees enjoy life to it's fullest in a little boys heart! They love finding 'insects' and learning about nature and helping dad whenever they can! They have always enjoyed supporting their Daddy, and love wearing shirts that match him! They may show up to help from time to time! They enjoy our customers and their families too!

Our Story

The Watson family was established in 2007! As we braced for a life together we began to plan and take life day by day. Brandon had an opportunity to be a lobster-man and his wife thought that would be a perfect Maine Man job to have! However he didn't fair well testing the waters that day, and after all became a bug guy. It seems he was more suited for dry land! That began this career in pest control! We would dream that we would own our own business one day, but we didn't think it would be a pest control business. As life brought joyful times and some challenging times we felt as though it was time to leave the corporate world and have a small business of our own. Which would allow us to embark on another dream to have our very own Christmas Tree Farm! We enjoy building relationships with families and helping them find true solutions to their general everyday pest problems.

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