Bed Bugs


When fully grown an adult bed bug is roughly 3/16-inch long which is about the size of an apple seed.  Bed bugs are visible to the naked eye and display various shades of red coloring based on how recently they have fed.


During the day bed bugs will hide in nearly any crack, crevice, nook or cranny available. Coming out at night to feed they are drawn to body heat and CO2 expelled while we breathe. They will also reside other places that people rest for periods of time such as couches and chairs.

A female bed bug lays up to five eggs per day and hundreds over her lifetime. The eggs can hatch as soon as seven days and will molt five times with one blood meal between each molting.


Bed Bug control can be effectively obtained with a combination of methods and materials. Treatment must be thorough and will require the moving of furniture including box springs and mattresses.