Carpenter Ants


Carpenter Ants are one of the most notorious pests plaguing Maine homes. Though they actually vary in size up to ½ inch it is the large black workers that are most recognizable as Carpenter Ants. The coloring is not always black, there are species with a mix of red and black or entirely red.


Carpenter ants are feared for the extensive damage they cause to wooden structures but they do not actually eat wood instead using their large mandibles to excavate large galleries for nesting.

Their life cycle from egg to adult can be as short as 60 days with winged swarmers typically appearing once the colony is 3-4 years old. Swarms of winged carpenter ants happen May through August and are signs of mature colonies.

With foraging trails of up to 300 feet, it is not uncommon to first notice the ants as they forage into your home for food. Control is best established at this time before they form a satellite nest inside.


Carpenter Ant Control comes in a variety of forms depending on the location and/or size of the infestation. When treating preventatively an exterior perimeter treatment can stop foragers from establishing trails into your home. If battling an established colony baits are very effective in attacking the entire nest.