Earwigs are generally an outdoor insect that live in moist dark areas like under mulch, logs and rocks. Earwigs are probably most known for the myth that is associated with them; the myth states that these insects crawl into human ears and burrow into the victim’s brain to lay their eggs. Luckily for us this is completely false.


Earwigs have long narrow bodies that are dark brown to reddish brown in color and grow up to 5/8 of an inch long or longer. Earwigs are an insect that can either be winged or wingless; their most distinctive feature is a pair of pincher-like appendages that are found at the tip of their abdomen called “cerci”. Earwigs are often referred to as “pincher” bugs because of those cerci.


To prevent earwig infestations remove piles of leaves, fallen trees and other debris as these environments are perfect hiding spots for earwigs. Also reduce the areas of moisture around your home by making sure your gutters are properly working to direct the rainwater away from the exterior of your home and inside correct any moisture issues. Make sure that cracks and crevices found in your home’s foundation are sealed to help prevent the earwigs from entering your home.