Small Ants


Small Ant are generally smaller than other ants but can still have several queens and thousands of workers living together. Thief ants nest near other ant colonies and create narrow tunnels into those colonies in order to steal their food, larvae, and pupae. Thief ants are found invading homes throughout most of the United States, and are occasional invaders in RI, MA, and CT.


Small ants can come in a range of colors from yellow to light or dark brown. They have an uneven and rounded shape and their thorax lacks spines. Their antennae have 10 segments and a two segmented club at the end. Thief ants are very small with the adults only growing to be 1.5-2.2 mm in length.


The most complete way to prevent thief ants at your home or business is to utilize a year round professional pest control service with the experts here at Simply Pest Solutions. You can, however, do some simple tasks that will aid in the battle against thief ants.