Spiders are small arthropods that belong to the class Arachnida.  There are thought to be about 40,000 different species of spiders in the world, with about 3500 species being native to North America.


Like all arachnids, spiders have 8 legs.  However, appearances can vary greatly between species.  The spiders that we most commonly deal with in Maine include:

  • The Sac Spider - The body of the yellow sac spider grows to be about 3/8 of inch and the leg span can reach up to an inch.  As the name indicates, the spider is a pale yellow in color.  Sac spiders have eight eyes arranged in two rows.
  • The House Spider - The house spider is a very common cobweb spider.  Its body generally reaches about 1/4 inch and is characterized by a large, rounded abdomen.  They are typically a light brown color.
  • The Black Widow - Although the black widow is not common in Maine, they can be found here and are the most dangerous spider that we encounter.  Their body is about 1/2 inch in length and they have a large round abdomen.  They are shiny and black in color.  Only the female black widow has the red, hourglass shape that the black widow is known for.


Carefully inspect the outside of your home for cracks, openings around vents and other likely looking entry points that spiders may use to gain entrance to your home.  Sealing these entry points can help in lowering the number of spiders and other pests in your house.